We specialize in the Abortion Pill and Surgical Abortion Clinic.
Call:  888-665-4126 for information or to make an appointment.

A Preferred Women’s Health Center is committed to offering all women the best professional and compassionate abortion care in the Southeastern United States.

We offer the abortion pill and in-office procedures.

Our local Abortion Clinics are near major highways in the Atlanta, Charlotte, Raleigh and Augusta GA areas. Telephone counselors are available to discuss your abortion options and provide you emotional support. You will be able to find out how much an abortion will cost and if financial help is available. Call 888-665-4126.

7am to 9pm Monday – Friday
7am to 3pm Saturday
8am to 8pm Sunday

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We offer you experience you can trust…

Our physicians are some of the most experienced abortion providers in the Southeast. We have provided abortion care to over 150,000 patients during the past 20 years. Registered nurses and medical assistants with years of experience complement and assist our very compassionate physicians.

Many of our counselors have backgrounds in psychology, social work and medical office environments. They are sincere, caring women who are committed to helping each individual patient complete their treatment with the best possible emotional, spiritual and physical outcome. We offer the latest advances in reproductive health care including the abortion pill. Our offices are among the newest in the southeastern United States. Each office is uniquely located in a safe and convenient area for our patients.

We also offer expedited care…

We know your time is valuable and want to minimize the time you have to spend in the office. Our medical abortion patients have their own patient care coordinator! There is someone assigned just to you to facilitate your care and eliminate any unnecessary delays while you are at our office! Unlike other providers, A Preferred Women’s Health Centers offer this expedited care service at no additional charge.

Financial Assistance

A Preferred Women’s Health Center has always offered abortion services at a reduced fee to all women. We believe every woman should have control of her life and her personal decisions. This means we must offer affordable abortion care…and we do!

We offer help in finding financial assistance to women in need. The amount of funding depends on the cost of your abortion and your financial situation.  Call us at 888-665-4126 to discuss your individual Financial aid package.

A Preferred Women's Health Center...
the Preferred Choice for Preferred Care!

Private Appointment

For patients who require the utmost privacy, we do offer private appointments for an additional fee. If you are interested in scheduling a private appointment, please call us at 888-665-4126 to arrange your private appointment.

North Carolina “Women’s Right to Know”

North Carolina requires a certified counselor to read to you some information on informed consent 72 hours before your abortion. You may read this information at this link NCWRK.

Georgia “Women’s Right to Know Act”

Georgia requires all patients to be counseled on their decision to have an abortion at least 24 hours before their appointment. Please read the this information at this link GAWRK.

We can provide this mandatory counseling at the same time you are making your appointment.   If you have additional questions or need more time for this important counseling, you may call back during our regular counseling hours or schedule a call back.

A Preferred Women's Health Center

“Abortion may not be the right choice for everyone,
but everyone has the right to make their choice!
This is equal rights for all.”

Lois Turner, CEO

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