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Our Abortion Services

Abortion Pill
A Medical Abortion is available to women who are less than 10 weeks of gestation. An ultrasound will be done in the office to determine how far along you are in your pregnancy.

In Office Surgical Abortions up to 20 weeks
A Preferred Women’s Health Center performs abortions by using the vacuum aspiration method, the most common method of abortion available today.

Here at A Preferred Women's Health Center sonograms are included in the price of the procedure for all our patients.

Pregnancy Test
We offer free pregnancy tests to all women. This test is free and does not require an appointment.

Abortion Counseling
Before your appointment, you must receive abortion counseling from one of our qualified staff members. You may call 919-854-7888 to speak with a counselor or nurse.

Reduced Rates

It is our goal, at APWHC, to keep costs as low and accessible as possible for patients needing abortion care. We want every woman to have control of her life and her personal decisions.

Please call 919-854-7888 to find out more about procedure rates!

Financial Assistance

APWHC is pleased to work with several abortion funds to offer you financial assistance. The amount of funding depends on the cost of your abortion and your financial situation. We work with funds such as:

Please give us a call at 919-854-7888 to find out more about abortion fund opportunities!

Private Appointment

For patients who require the utmost privacy, we offer private appointments for an additional fee. If you are interested in scheduling a private appointment, please call 704-665-4120 ask for Angie.

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A Preferred Women’s Health Center has specially trained phone counselors available to answer your questions and schedule an appointment 7 days a week:

Or, if you prefer, confidential appointments and additional information can be obtained by emailing our patient services coordinator at preferredassistance@apwhc.com. It is your choice!

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