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NC Senators Attacking Women’s Rights AGAIN!!!

Sen. Warren Daniel, R-Burke County, has sponsored a bill that may close down all the abortion clinics in NC!! He is more worried about denying women of their reproductive rights than doing anything about the high unemployment in the county he represents. Shouldn’t this senator be more concerned with helping his constituents get jobs and support their families than promote his agenda against women’s rights??

Anti-Choice Tennessee Congressman Proves to be Hypocrite

Check out this article in which Scott DesJarlais, a Tennessee Republican,  is exposed for contradicting his public political stance against women’s rights. Tennessee Republican gave testimony detailing wife’s abortions

Why Does the Word Vagina Make Lawmakers so Squimish?

How can a female House Representative in Michigan be silenced after using the word ‘vagina’ in her speech?

DC in Battle Over New Policies on Abortion

Latest News on the War On Women: New policies being pushed in DC to ban abortion after 20 weeks, but DC Representative Congresswoman Eleanor Holmes Norton is NOT allowed to testify on behalf of the citizens she represents???? What is wrong with this picture…

Rachel Maddow Interviews Nancy Keenan!

A great piece by Rachel Maddow about the War On Women. She even had the opportunity to interview NARAL Pro-Choice leader Nancy Keenan who will be stepping down January 2013 to let the next generation of women take the lead in the fight for women’s rights!

Be in the Know

The truths and lies of Republicans is INCREDIBLE.

Medical Abortions in the U.S.

Great article from the Huffington Post by the Executive Vice President of IPAS.

Women Across the Country Fight Against the War on Women

Over this past weekend women from across the country gathered in various locations to let politicians and Americans know that they don’t like whats happening to women’s rights, and specifically, women’s health.

It might be a win but….

A federal judge has temporarily stopped the state of Texas from prohibiting Planned Parenthood from receiving state funds.